Episode 6 (8JTV)



  •  Tell us a little bit about yourself? / Cuentanos un poco sobre ti?
  •  Where you born in the states? / Naciste en Estados Unidos?
  • Have you always like/loved comedy? / Siempre te a gustado la comedia?
  • When did you create your first video on social media? / Cuando creaste tu primer video?
  • Was it on IG or another social media platform? / Fue on IG o en otra plataforma?
  • A lot of people are shy in front of camera. Where you ever shy in front of the camera at some point? If so, how did you overcome the shyness?
  • Do you have a creative process you got through when you are coming up with a skit? Or does it come naturally?
  • Do you remember the first video that went viral? If so, what was your reaction?
  •  What do you like the most about social media?
  • Where do you find inspiration to create your skits?
  • Any advise for those individuals who want to pursue comedy or have a bigger presence on social media?
  • How do you deal with negative comments in social media?